What is Copyright?

© Copyright protects your work and stops others from using it without your permission.

© You get copyright protection automatically - you don’t have to apply or pay a fee.

© You can mark your work with the copyright symbol but marked or not this doesn’t affect the level of protection you have.

© Copyright protects: drawings, paintings, writing, music, drama, photographs, film, television and web content.

Can I upload any item to the website?

You must confirm to us that you have the right to upload the item to the site and you need to confirm that you've read the Terms of Use and Privacy. If you would like any advice or guidance, please contact us.

Can I use items on the website to tell my story?

All items on Peoples Collection Wales are protected under the Creative Archive Licence agreement. Please read our Creative Archive Licence page for more information about the licence and how you can use items on the website according to the licence agreement.

Examples of copyright use

Scenario 1.
Imagine that you have received a letter from Mr. Evans. The letter as a physical object belongs to you; therefore you would be the 'Owner'. The rights of the item would remain with Mr.Evans, in this case copyrights' since he is the author of the letter. To have the right to digitise the letter and publish it on the People's Collection Wales website you must first gain the consent to do so by Mr.Evans. We recommend that having this consent in written form is best. Mr Evans copyright ownership of the letter would last until 70 year from the end of the calendar year of Mr.Evans death. After this date the item would be out of copyright.
Scenario 2.
Congratulations! You have just bought an original Kyffin Williams painting for £10,000. You wish to create a digital copy of the painting and publish it on the People's Collection Wales. What you haven't considered is that the copyright of Kyffin Williams work was signed over to the National Library Wales before his death. In this scenario, you are the owner of the painting as a physical item but to create a derivative (copy) of this painting you would need to have consent from the National Library Wales because they hold the rights to Kyffin Williams materials.