Teaching Toolbox

Add your own classroom projects to the website and develop key digital skills linked to the Digital Competence Framework (DCF)

STEP 1 Register

Create an account for your school, class or students. For Year 6 and under, we suggest creating one classroom account so that students can save items as drafts for you to review before publishing. For Year 7 and over, you have the option to allow students to register their own account.

STEP 2 Develop digital skills

Get started by getting students to complete easy tasks, such as: upload images and documents; make your own movies. These activities can help you with these and more DCF objectives:


Citizenship Identity, image and reputation
Digital rights, licensing and ownership
Interacting & Collaborating Collaboration
Storing and sharing
Producing Planning, sourcing and searching

2020 Classroom task ideas

Create a Lockdown Digital Time Capsule – with the help of your pupils, we want to create a digital time capsule on our website to help current and future generations to understand their lockdown story.

Digital Projects

Once you've mastered uploading, you can move on to more advanced DCF skills and coordinate a class Project using the website. Illustrate an event or time in the past by making a story, collection or trail—read our step-by-step digital projects guide, allowing you to achieve broader DCF strand objectives.

Classroom task ideas

More excellent examples of work by Welsh schools:

school's profile cover school's profile cover
Deri Primary School have projects on Victorian Life and Mining Llanharran Primary audio trails
school's profile cover school's profile cover
Ton–yr–Ywen Migration Stories project St Woolos primary school and National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon