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Curriculum for Wales

Paul Robeson’s Early Life
Welsh women in industrial communities c.1800-1920
Welsh women in maritime communities c.1800-1920
Let Paul Robeson Sing!
Welsh Women Working
Cardiff Millennium Stadium
Wales 1900-2000: Part 3
Transport 1970s
Health and Medicine, 1660 to the present day
Protests by the Welsh Language Society
Crime and Punishment in Wales
Transport 1950s
Development of Wales, 1900-2000
Swansea during the First World War
Urdd Gobaith Cymru
Women and Protest in Wales
David Lloyd George
Workmens' Halls and Institutes
Post War and Food Rationing
John Cornwell: Colliery photos
Swansea during WW2
William Morgan's Welsh Bible of 1588
Wales 1900-2000: Part 1
Pressures on Traditional Way of Life
Maerdy Colliery
Changing Attitudes to Welsh Language
Diary of Edgar Wynn Williams, First World War
Industrial Strikes in Wales
Resource 4: Digital creators and consumers
Changing Patterns of Work in Wales